Johanna Chen - Thrive in IT Coach

Make an upgrade to your career and your life!

Lost your love for your job? Feeling stuck? Stressed by overtime, high pressure or the fast pace and constant change?

No time for yourself?

Coaching with Thrive in IT, can help you find back your passion for your job, get unstuck and create a work life balance you can enjoy and where you can achieve your own goals.

Find ways to create the needed shift in your life that are also practical and customized for your situation!

I help professionals in the tech or startup sector, to upgrade their own life: get unstuck, create the life they want, enjoy work again, get new perspective and escape the near burnout work mentality.

I am Johanna, a transformation coach and product manager who worked in both startups and publicly traded companies. I experienced first hand the stressful, fast changing and pressured work environments and saw how my passion for my job suffered from it and turned into near burn out and dissatisfaction for my job.

I believe that coaching can help people to thrive in their job, both from feeling stuck and being dissatisfied but also getting to the next level and reaching new goals, while finding your own defined work life balance.

If you want to get more done, finally have some time for your own goals and reach them, find back your passion and not feeling like dreading your work anymore, then book a consult to learn more.

Work on

Getting unstuck

Do you feel like your life is on hold. Same routines everyday and nothing really changes, but you still always feel so busy or stressed?

Get coached to get unstuck, make decisions and define your own work/life balance and live it. 

Finishing your goals

Are you highly motived at the beginning of the year, a month or a week and start on your projects, but you hardly finish any of them?

Get coached and learn skills and methods to finally finish your goals.

Upgrading your life

Do you believe there is more to life than this? Do you often think “Is this it?” or does your life look great on the outside but you feel unsatisfied or stressed?

Get coached to get your life up-leveled and start the new chapter in your life (which incl. more fun)!