How does a program look like?

In 10 weeks we focus on either of the topics (or a mix of it) based on your needs in one on one sessions

  • Getting unstuck
  • Smooth Career Transitions
  • Dealing with change
  • Leveraging time (time management with the mindset component)
  • Achieving your goals or creating new habits
  • Upgrading your life

Learn more by getting a consult

or if you are already all in:


  • How does coaching work?
    • We will have 40 min sessions on Zoom
    • A session is tailored to your needs and we will discuss issues you are facing and work on mindset and relevant actions for you
    • In the beginning there will be some mini training in the beginning, before we dive into the coaching
    • Occasional optional homework or worksheets are provided
  • What happens on a consult/information call?
    • We will get to know each other and see if my coaching is suitable for your needs
    • You will learn more about coaching and how the sessions will work
    • We will explore your goals for coaching
    • If it is a fit, we will define the best program for you
  • Is this for me?
    • Like every athlete has a coach to get better, every person can benefit from a coach to perform better in life
    • If you are feeling you are stuck or progress is too slow, then coaching will help you to get perspective, discover how to get unstuck and prepare you to achieve your goals or next step forward
    • If you are in the IT or startup sector, then the program is tailored to your needs
  • What is the difference to therapy?
    • If you think you are in need of therapy, please consult a therapist first
    • Therapy will often focus on the past, possible trauma and other medical conditions
    • Coaching will focus on the future and how you can get from A to B, faster and with less drama
    • A lot of people also combine therapy and coaching to their needs