Career Transition: 5 key elements besides the required skills

Are you contemplating transitioning to a new career? Or are you already in the midst of it?

Congratulations for making the decision, it is not always the easiest.

From a mindset coach perspective and as a person who did transition twice to a new position within a company, where it was rather unheard of and who also transitioned between industries a few times, I see a few key elements playing into each other, which allowed me and my clients to transition successfully. 

Proof of skill

As baseline you need the skills or at least transferable skills that make you a candidate for a new job. Get clear what the average job description looks like for the new field you are applying for or if you have one, take the one of your dream job.

Then still consider that companies will put in their dream candidate profile. If you feel like you can match 60-70% with the exact match or via transferable skills, consider yourself a valid candidate.

If you are missing key skills, get to know people in the field and see what might be options to gain those skills. From an external view it often seems like something concrete, while you often will learn you can learn the skill through different options.

Soft Skills: Relationships and Communication

A very helpful asset for life and for your career transition can be your relationships and your communication skills. It is not just that you meet all the right criteria on paper, but the company also wants to know that you fit into their culture. 

This does not mean that you have to be an extrovert and make the best speeches. Communication and relationships can look different in so many ways.


Let’s be honest, some success also comes from luck. You see a job opportunity at the right time, you meet a connection to that company at the right place, you hear an information at the right time and place and so much more.

But while luck is luck, I also believe that you can help yourself out to have more luck. Which can be things you plan in your action plan.


Of course being a mindset coach I could talk about this forever and I am biased, but I do believe that your mindset plays a big part in your career transition experience. Because mindset impacts your decision making, your actions, your follow through. And that impacts your luck and how you use your soft skills – which makes it full circle.

When we talk about mindset, it addresses how you see the job market and your opportunities. It relates to how confident you feel, because of the way you think about yourself or the transition. It is about making decisions from a desperate or from a confident place. Your mindset regarding obstacles will also impact your success.

Just a small realization can change your trajectory. 

Action Plan and follow through

You started with a clear vision of what you want. The career transition. Now you need to build your path towards the goal, with flexible adjustable steps. Having an action plan, makes the next steps more clearer and can partly take the overwhelm. 

But besides having the plan, the other common issue is procrastination or giving up. It is important to remember your why and figure out what might keep you from following through. 

Iy you are going through a career transition and need support in any of those areas: Consider my 1:1 Coaching specifically focused on your career transition, or start by checking out my mini course on career transition, where I show you one mindset tool.