Hi, I’m Johanna

I am a product manager and a coach. Having gone through a few career transitions, I noticed that my skills and actions helped me to get the transition done, but an often overlooked element that helped me additionally was my mindset. If you are looking at a career transition, check out the career transition: mindset workbook, to get your first step into mindset work.

What is Thrive in IT?

Johanna Chen, Founder & Coach

Thrive in IT is coaching for professionals in tech or startups. The fast pace of the industry, the competitive energy to win and the need for high performance can often tire out the people who are involved in it and seem far fetched for those who are not.

Get coached on any of the topics:

  • Getting unstuck (if you feel in a rut at your job)
  • How to get the passion back for your job or seeing if change is needed
  • How to transition into the job you want
  • How to thrive more in the industry (to get to the next level)
  • How to define your own work life balance, to both enjoy work and your personal life

For more information and see how I can help, book a free info call.